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Retirement Income Stress Test Agreement

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Retirement Income Stress Test Engagement Agreement

This engagement letter outlines specific terms of the basic Retirement Income Stress Test between:

The scope of the Retirement Income Stress Test is as follows:

  • Provide a snapshot report of the sustainability of your Retirement Income Assets
  • Provide a brief explanation as to the results and offer 'Next Steps' suggestions
  • Provide a complimentary 30 minute reviewing the report

To ensure the report will contain best possible results, it is understood by you that it is your responsibility to provide to me complete and accurate information (financial data or otherwise). It is also understood that the electronic financial information questionnaire is to be completed by yourself and 'submitted' to me for input. Or, If preferred, a manual financial information questionnaire can be completed and returned to me for input. I have no known conflicts of interest in the acceptance of this agreement. I commit that I will advise you of any conflicts of interest if they should arise.

I acknowledge my responsibility to adhere to the FPSC's Standards of Professional Conduct, and all applicable federal and provincial rules and regulations. At all times during this engagement, I shall place your interests ahead of my own when providing professional services. In addition, since this engagement includes financial planning services, I am required to act as a fiduciary, as defined by FPSC. You can learn more about FPSC's ethical requirements at www.fpsc.ca.

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your financial goals.

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