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Retirement Income Stress Test TM

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Your Vision  Your FutureTM

Quality of life  •  travel • family time •  me time • more time • more money • active and healthy lifestyle…  
Whatever retirement means to you, having a secure income throughout retirement is a key element.

Understand where you stand and develop a Plan. 

Before you retire, or semi-retire, it is critical to have income sources securely in place.  Usually, you will have several sources of income once in retirement.  
The Retirement Income Stress Test™ is the first step in understanding how secure and resilient your income sources will be into and during retirement.

The Retirement Income Stress Test™ can help you develop a Plan and identify key pathways suitable to you.  From that, tax efficient strategies can be fit into your Plan which compliment your goals and vision of the future. 

Every piece of your income is part of, or contributes to the level of your tax burden, which in turn determines your ‘disposable income’.  Every dollar saved in tax is a dollar earned.  Understanding the tax consequences of each investment or life event is important.  
The Retirement Income Stress Test™ works toward that end. 

What is involved?... and What you can expect:

  • Read, understand and accept the terms and conditions of the Retirement Income Stress Test.
  • Fill in the electronic questionnaire and submit.  *** Please note, when you “submit”, the electronic form is sent to Whole Wealth Plus encrypted.  Also, please forward a separate email to us, informing us of the password you set before submitting.  The email can be directed to: peter.bradley@manulifesecurities.ca 
  • Upon our receipt of the questionnaire, we analyse the data and create a 2 page graphic report with explanations and suggestions for you to consider.  It is easy to read, understand and it is complimentary.
  • At your convenience, we can arrange a meeting to review the report with you in person or on the telephone.  We will explain the report, answer any questions you may have and help you determine the best path that can bring to life your goals and vision of the future.  

Contact us to start the Retirement Income Stress Test™. 

Start today!

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